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Laser Engraving Information

During laser engraving, the engraving is "burned" into the pen by the heat generated from the laser beam leaving the engraving dark in color in most cases.

We can engrave all woods that we use. However, not all woods engrave well, some woods engrave better than others.  The lighter woods tend to engrave better than dark woods.  Also, woods with less grain patterns tend to engrave better as the unique grain pattern of some woods can make engraving a challenge as the grain pattern interferes with the lettering. 

Also as stated on our "Woods of the World" page, we prefer burl woods as they produce the most fascinating and stunning patterns. With that being said, the burl woods are prepared by removing all the air in the voids of the burl by vacuum and then forcing a resin into the voids by pressurizing the wood.  This resin will sometimes stop the laser from “burning” the engraving into the wood. It will still show a recess in the wood, but it will be clear and hard to see.

This can be fixed by applying a black acrylic paint into the engraving itself and quickly wiping away the excess. Then let the acrylic paint dry. Black acrylic paint can be obtained at most local arts and crafts stores.

If you are not sure if the wood you choose will work for you than give us a call or send an email and we'll be happy to assist.