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Our Story

Our Story

While on vacation and hiking in Northern California’s Sequoia National Park, I came across a small two thousand year old branch on the forest floor.  I was fascinated by the color and grain pattern but even more so by the age of the piece of nature I was holding.  Intuitively I knew it would make a great pen.  The wood had its own story to tell. 

Vacation over, I headed back to my workshop in Arizona, mounted that branch on my lathe and began making a pen.  That ancient branch spinning on the lathe became the cornerstone of who we are today – Spinning Branch Studio.

A pen is a pen, but a wooden pen has an heirloom quality to it just as your grandfather’s watch or your grandmother’s silverware.  A handcrafted pen becomes a treasured keepsake and might be the start of a tradition that your kids and grandkids will cherish.  Imagine being able to sign your child’s graduation card with the very same pen your mother used to sign yours or your grandmother used to sign your mother’s.  Or sign for your first home loan with the fountain pen from your grandfather’s desk.

This is why every wooden pen from Spinning Branch Studio is designed to your exact specifications then handcrafted and custom-made by a Master Craftsman. Select the plating and style of pen you prefer, browse our selection of almost 40 premium rare and exotic hardwoods imported from around the world to find the one you love………. we’ll do the rest.

We add our proprietary finish and protect it with the same micro-crystalline wax used by the Smithsonian and other museums around the world to protect their priceless antiques.

Your handcrafted wooden pen should be as unique as you or the person you are giving it to. The choice is yours!

Our goal is for you to enjoy your new treasured keepsake as much as we enjoy making it.


Founder and Master Craftsman
Spinning Branch Studio