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Woods of the World

All of our wooden pens are made from rare and exotic woods from around the world. We only use premium cuts of wood that show the best grain and color. Some of our wood has been dyed and stabilized to produce an even more exotic looking wooden pen. Burl wood is our favorite. Burl wood is an extraneous growth on a tree. Usually when the tree is undergoing some sort of stress. That stress while not causing harm to the tree itself produces some of the most highly figured wood grain in the world. You will find pictures of the woods we use below. This list will grow as we find more and new sources of woods. 
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<i>Afzilia-Xylay</i>  <i>Ambyona Burl</i>   Bethlehem Olivewood  Black Ash Burl  Bloodwood  Bocote  <i>Boxelder Burl</i>  <i>Blue Boxelder Burl </i>  <i>Brown Boxelder Burl</i>  <i>Green Boxelder Burl</i>  <i>Magenta Boxelder Burl</i>  <i>Purple Boxelder Burl</i>  <i>Red Boxelder Burl</i>  Brown Mallee Burl  Bubinga  <i>Buckeye Burl</i>  Cherry Burl  <i>Cocobolo</i>  <i>Curly Koa</i>  Curly Mahogany  Goncalo Alves  Madrone Burl  Myrtle Burl  Paduak  Pink Ivory  Quilted Sapele  Spalted Maple Burl  Spalted Tamarind  Thuya Burl  Yellow Box Burl  Zebra Wood